Orissa, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives

The population in the state of Orissa consists of 22.5% tribals. Some of this population lives a self-sustaining lifestyle in remote hills and forests that are cut off from any roadways. Food is these areas is a resource that is seasonal and as a result, children between 1-3 years are susceptible to malnutrition. To solve this problem, the Pada Poshti Program (PPP) was piloted together by Aanganwadis, Sewa Sadan, Azim Premji Philanthropic Foundation and tribal mothers groups to 60 hamlets. I visited Muniguda district in southern Orissa and assisted Photography Promotion Trust in the making of a documentary film to shed light on what made the program successful and how it can be implemented to other hamlets in the State. Through the film, we showed the remoteness of the locations we travelled to and interviewed various stakeholders to explain what made the program sustainable. The pictures here represent some of the tribals that participated in the film.

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