MannDeshi Bank

Manndeshi Mahila Sahakari Bank is the first cooperative bank for women in rural India with a vision to support women micro-entrepreneurs.
As part of the Bank’s expansion strategy, the organization was looking to revamp their website. The goal of the new website was to further separate the identity of the Bank from the Foundation and communicate the financial products/services to customers and partner organizations.
I was employed with the re-branding agency and directed to conduct research and undertake photography that would inform the direction of the website. After some planning, I made a short trip to Mann Taluka where interviews with the founder, COO, banking floor staff and customers were organized. Additionally, I spent a day photographing the bank floor and visited the weekly market. I studied the services availed by women entrepreneurs and how they generated wealth over time by taking support from the bank.
Through the images, the aim was to showcase the bank as a customer-focused environment where staff provide support to ensure one’s financial security. Using this strategy, we aimed to remove any biases that rural populations typically associate with banks. I also worked on the content for the website and hired a translator to create a Marathi language version.
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