Cuddles Foundation

What: Cuddles Foundation runs a customized nutrition program called Food Heals for kids in collaboration with some of the major Cancer Care Hospitals. While kids can fight cancer, the fact is that 40% of children with cancer are malnourished at the time of their diagnosis and this makes it difficult to undergo treatment. I was briefed to create a bank of photographs that would represent the brand to beneficiaries, hospitals, donors and the media.

Approach: I visited the care centres and wards of hospitals to observe and spend time with the beneficiary families battling cancer. What I observed was that even though kids were provided with nutritious diets consisting of fruits and healthy meals, it was a struggle to keep the kids away from craving savoury and unhealthy options such as fried chips, instant noodles etc.
To tackle this, I wanted to give ‘fruits’ a fun factor and create enthusiasm among the kids about consuming them.
I also visited the different sites of operations including Wadia hospital, St Jude India Childcare Centre and AIIMS Bhubaneshwar to capture program delivery.
The project was planned and executed together with the organisation’s marketing head, external designer and nutritionists.

Outcome: The photographs helped shape their visual communication language and were featured on the website, annual reports, marketing print and digital collaterals. They were also used to communicate the impact to partners and donors.

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